Netflix, Travel, Instagram: Here’s How You Could Do All These And Get Paid

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This is probably everyone’s dream job and you might just have found your true calling right now. That’s because Netflix is offering a position called the “Netflix Grammaster” and you’re going to get paid for travelling, streaming Netflix movies and Instagram-ming all day for just two weeks. But that’s still more than enough already, right?

Netflix recently announced that it’s going to hire four lucky winners to take up that position in a lifetime; to be their “Grammaster” ambassador of sorts. And did we mention that they are going to get paid $4,000 for posting pictures taken on sets of popular shows, movies and Netflix original series? Yes, you are on to doing something very exciting.

If you’re interested (hell, who wouldn’t be?!) to be part of this exciting phase of life you’re about to experience, all you’ve got to do is to follow @Netflix on Instagram, and next is where you’ll show off your photography skills. Use the hashtag #grammasters3 on three of your best photos, and do so by March 9. Then sit back, chill and wait for the good news.

Bear in mind that you have to of at least 21 years old, have a mobile phone with the app, and a public Instagram account. Netflix would be selecting 25 finalists around March 26 via Instagram, then it’ll be narrowed down until there are four chosen ones. So, what are you waiting for? Get your phone ready and start Instagram-ming! Don’t forget that hashtag!