New Tech Discovery: The Future Of Magnesium-Based Phones?

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If you think that the aluminium-made iPhone 6S is bendable enough, try having a phone that’s made of magnesium (it’s softer than aluminium). But maybe that’s not the case now. It could actually be a metal of choice for future smartphone production because now, scientists have found a way to strengthen the magnesium.

The method in improving the structural integrity of magnesium may seem like mission impossible, because nanoparticles of molten magnesium is needed to disperse uniformly to increase the strength of the magnesium. Thanks to the UCLA scientists, it’s now resulting into a stiffer, stronger alloy through the process of high-pressure torsion on molten magnesium-zinc alloy, obtaining a material made up of 86% magnesium and 14% silicon carbide.

This technology is pretty complicated, but mostly exciting. Perhaps a little sciency here, but it’s always good to know that there are more breakthroughs and advancements in order to have stronger-lasting phones in the future, no?