Next Ford Mustang Developed To Offend Enthusiasts

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Ford understands that implementing self-driving features on the Ford Mustang would be silly, but the automaker isn’t above hybridization for its famous pony. It’s set to be one of the 13 electrified vehicles coming out of Dearborn in the next five years.

Alongside the F-150, the Mustang is slated to be launched with a hybrid powertrain in 2020. At least fans wouldn’t really take issue with the best-selling full-size truck going even greener.

Even though it seems offensive at this point, who knows what consumer tastes would be by the end of the decade? Hybrid super cars and hyper cars have gained acceptance in the market, and soon enough so would hybrid muscle.

Besides, Blue Oval has been making strides in improving the fuel economy figures of the Mustang, thanks to its peppy 2.3L EcoBoost engine. Adding an electric motor would take the automaker much further on this front.

Ford is also working on an electric SUV that’s set for arrival in 2021. Paired with the automaker’s current efforts in developing autonomous driving tech, it would be an interesting contender to the Tesla Model X.