Nextbit Robin: Appealing, Appalling And An Amazing Cloud Phone

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Gone were the days when you used to be able to handpick any Nokia phones with any colour of your choice, because the era of premium-feel smartphones have taken over. But then Nextbit Robin came along and we’re pretty sure this could be a refreshing change for smartphone enthusiasts out there.

Well, come on, just look at that pretty shade of turquoise there (or mint, if you prefer). It’s so pretty you wouldn’t even want to get a casing for it as covering it makes no absolute sense. Apart from the pretty looks it boasts itself upon, it’s got an amazing cloud storage capacity that goes up to 100GB. Now, that’s a lot if you are the type to store in your vital selfies and whatnot.

It’s worth mentioning that Robin’s cloud abilities could somehow create ghost icons of all apps stored in the cloud as well as photos, and how it could also save all your information such as your credentials and game progress, among others. That means whenever you feel like fetching an app from the cloud, you’re already logged in and ready to go.

Sure, 100GB seems a lot, but if you were to compare that with other stronger rivals, they could come with upwards of 2TB of theoretical microSD storage, so Robin’s quite a small fry in this category. Also the fact that it’s merely unneeded when you compare the Robin and Android’s new Flex Storage feature side by side.

But for what it’s worth, the Robin is still going to be the best sidekick if you aren’t too particular about getting the best smartphone of the year or the prettiest one in the market. It might be appealing for many, but appalling for some. The choice is yours.