Nintendo Switch Has Bitten More Than It Can Chew

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Nintendo hasn’t been at the forefront of console gaming for quite some time, as the Wii U had struggled year after year to recreate the magic of the Wii it succeeded. This time, it looks like the company has turned things around.

Prior to this, Nintendo’s problem was that it couldn’t find enough buyers for the Wii U; now, it has a better problem in not being able to supply sufficient units of the Switch to keep up with soaring demand.

Perhaps the Japanese developer, which is known more for its popular IPs and handhelds, needs some time to get used to home console success again, though the Switch isn’t fully a home console.

The company does have its ambitions for the new system, as The Wall Street Journal reports that Nintendo aims to produce 16 million units of the Switch annually beginning April 2017, double its original target.

In order for the Switch to sustain its current run in the market, Nintendo would have to learn from its past mistakes and ensure that it adopts more hard-hitting AAA titles in the next few years. Otherwise it would be relegated to the periphery like the Wii U before it.

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