Nissan Joins Forces With BMW To Enhance EV Charging Efficiency!

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We’ve recently had gotten to know about Google joining forces with Ford in developing more autonomous cars, but right now the future of driverless cars seems to be much more apparent. The latest hoo-ha in the world of autonomous cars brings about two other forces; BMW and Nissan are reportedly venturing into creating more charging stations for EV users.

What EV users can expect is that these 120 fast charging stations will be equipped with new dual-port 50-kilowatt that’s found in 120 different locations across 19 states in the US. And what’s more, if you find your car low on energy, all you have to do is to locate a charging station using the ConnectedDrive interface in the BMW i3 or the Nissan EZ-Charge smartphone app, and you’ll be able to charge your vehicle up to 80% in just approximately 20 minutes.

That’s some pretty handy information right? You’re very welcome. If you’re wondering where the charging stations will be located at, here it is: New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Ohio, New Mexico, Maryland, California, Connecticut, Nevada, Wisconsin, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.