No, Americans Not First In Line To Get The Lenovo K4 Note

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…because India is one step ahead of the game.

This is good news for Lenovo fans as they will have a brand new smartphone to upgrade to, and this time it’s the Lenovo K4 Note. It will arrive in early January in India, so better mark your calendars as it’s going to be very exciting indeed. Perhaps the highlight of the smartphone would be the fingerprint scanner feature, what’s more, there’s going to be an NFC chip too. Just check out the teaser Lenovo released, pretty galactic-looking, huh?

And if other Lenovo devices are scheduled to get the latest Android update, it would only be obvious that the K4 gets the same treatment too. In addition, the smartphone is reportedly going to sport a metal chassis, making it look as premium as ever. Rumours about the smartphone’s capacity are still swirling, but it looks as though it’s going to be equipped with 4 GB of RAM.

If you’re wondering what the price tag is, it will be at Rs 12,999, after conversion it’s around $190. What can we say, not bad for a sleek-designed phone that’s also budget-friendly at the same time. Let’s just hope that it’ll arrive in US in no time.