Official Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Reveal Close At Hand

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We’ve already come to the second half of 2016, so any anticipated smartphone that hasn’t yet been revealed is not as far as we think. One of them is the Xiaomi Mi Note 2, which is believed to be preparing for its official reveal in September.

That’s only two months away, the IFA 2016 in Berlin. This has been surmised from a teaser posted from Xiaomi featuring a soccer stadium with the large title of ‘2>5’, which is believed to mean that the Mi Note 2 is better than the Mi 5.

The Mi 5 is currently the best that Xiaomi has to offer, so it could only be followed by another flagship that’s more powerful than it – much like how any new Samsung Galaxy Note model comes after the Galaxy S flagship at the end of the year.

We thought the Mi Max would be greater than the Mi 5 at first glance, but its size deceived us all. It’s merely a budget device with a hefty display and battery.