OnePlus X: Cute, But Cuteness Cannot Overcome Deficiencies

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If you’re planning to get an Android smartphone, you’ve got to keep in mind that the most of the best ones are also the biggest. For instance, the Nexus 6P, Galaxy Note 5, and even the LG V10. You’re constantly being confronted by this difficult choice that you’ll have to make; best features, camera performance and user experience vs. the size and comfort of a reasonably sized phone. It’s somewhat like you need to have a bit of both, but you can’t because even man-made materials are not destined to be perfect.

But probably the OnePlus X is ideal for you; it’s of the same size and weight as the iPhone 6S, and it touts many of the flagship-tier qualities and features that one might expect. It’s an undeniably handsome and of minimalist design (if you’re not into chunky ones), and it’s fantastically small and light for a 5-inch phone. And like we’ve mentioned earlier, it’s not the entirely perfect, because the OnePlus X is indeed slippery to hold, there’s no fingerprint reader or NFC incorporated into the phone, and the camera is way too mediocre. Also, it lacks proper LTE support in the United States.

So, what do you think about the phone? Would you still go for it despite its deficiencies mentioned above? After all, it’s a cute phone but cuteness can never overcome its deficiencies, right?