Oppo Paves The Way For More Fast-Charging Phones

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‚Ķbecause theirs apparently could be charged to a full 100% battery life in approximately 15 minutes. That’s insane.

There seems to be a new reference device from Oppo which has been boasting about what’s dubbed the SuperVOOC quick-charging. We’ve heard claims that this technology could offer to charge an Oppo phone with a flat 2,500mAh battery to 100 percent in a mere 15 minutes. Here’s the drill: the technique is claimed to work using MicroUSB and USB Type-C. But all said and done, it’s still a pretty massive milestone that’s achieved by the company.

It’s not as surprising though, if you take last year’s Qualcomm Quick Charge system and Huawei’s into consideration, where they were deemed to charge up to 80 percent and 48 percent in just 35 minutes and five minutes respectively. But then again, if Oppo could really manage to have this battery technology upped, pretty sure other leading tech makers are toying with the idea too.

We’re probably going to see some dead phone charged up fully in just 5 minutes in the future. Just saying (but who knows, right!?).