Pebble Time Steel, Apple Watch Or Samsung Gear S2: Which Smartwatch Suits Your Personality?

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You’ve gotten yourself a smartphone, a smart TV at home, and possibly a smart computer (but heck, of course they have to be smart to be usable, right?), so all there’s left right now is a smartwatch. But you find yourself having a hard time in choosing the right one since most of them being offered are either too fancy or too feature-y.

So we’ve scavenged through the numerous types of smartwatches out there to see which suits you best; personality-wise. It’s true that some of us wouldn’t be holding on to our phones all the goddamn time (see what we just did there), but a watch is a true necessity that we’ll be wearing the whole day. And to tell more than just the time is so much more worth investing in.

If you’re one perfectionist that couldn’t be bothered about looking at just the appearance or just the features, the Pebble Time Steel is the one for you. It’s deemed to be the best overall smartwatch for its more refined design, colour e-paper display with a week-long battery life and it’s waterproofing feature in a metal casing. All that for $200 and we say it’s really worth the money.

But if appearance matter to you most and you want to stay stylish even with the watch you’re wearing, go for the Apple Watch. You’ll be expecting some very meticulous design on the aluminium, steel or even the 18-karat gold (whichever your choosing) on the metal body watch with some interchangeable straps too. Definitely one to consider for fashionistas, though this would cost the most among the others at around $350.

For those who like to add a bit of fun to their ordinary watches should opt for the Samsung Gear S2. You might find that it’s incredibly tiresome at first glance, but turning and cycling the thing through your notification could be ridiculously enjoyable. It’s definitely not the best smartwatch out there since it’s running on Samsung’s Tizen platform, but it makes for something different for around $300.

Now that you probably know which smartwatch would be complementing your smartphone lifestyle, sound off in the comments below so that we’ll know which one you like best. We hope you’ll enjoy reading the time – and other stuff – on your new smartwatch as much as you love your smartphone.