Pending Successor To Nissan Leaf Puts Tesla Model S On Top Spot!

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When it comes to EV cars, the dream vehicle to own is none other than the Tesla Model S. The latter is simply splendid as it has a long driving range and a super car performance. The only problem with the Model S is its price which is too steep for the average consumers.

Despite the love for the Model S by EV fans, the vehicle has yet to achieve top spot in sales due to its high valuation. This is until today when various automotive agencies revealed that the Model S is now the bestselling EV car for the year 2015.

It managed to overtake both the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf in October this year hence claiming top spot. Last month however, the Volt managed to return to second place thanks to the arrival of the new generation model. The sales figure of the Volt is expected to grow rapidly in the coming months.

As for the Nissan Leaf, it managed to achieve third spot despite the declining sales since the second-half of 2015. Apparently, this is due to the next-gen Nissan Leaf which is being tipped to arrive later next year.