Pokemon Go Replaces All Our Addictions!

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It is often said that instead of getting rid of an addiction, it would be more pragmatic to replace it with a healthier one. Whether or not Pokemon Go is a beneficial addiction is up for debate, given the many security concerns surrounding it.

Well, whatever the case, the augmented reality mobile game that had taken 20 years to develop is now taking the world by storm.

And it has done so to the extent that it can help people overcome dangerous addictions such as drugs and gambling. Plus it has effectively encouraged folks to go outside their houses, which is unprecedented when it comes to digital games.

But it’s way more than that. Pokemon Go has become the number one smartphone game of all time in US history with 21 million average users per day, and it is also quickly surpassing established social media apps such as Twitter and Snapchat in terms of frequency of usage.

What takes the cake is that within less than a month, Pokemon Go is now more widely searched on Google than porn. It should be noted that the game is only so far available in the US, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany.

We wonder how all the aforementioned mobile and online data would look when the rest of the world gets access to the game.