Pokemon Sun And Moon: Here Are The Scarce Details!

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We’ve heard about the major upcoming titles of Pokemon Sun and Moon from the recent Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary from the live stream that was meant to celebrate the journey Pokemon has gone thus far. The Sun and Moon titles are the major announcement that evening, and we don’t see a reason why they’re not.

Though it’s deemed to be the next big Pokemon series, they obviously didn’t reveal too much information about it. We hate to break it to you, but there really isn’t any additional information about the presence of any new Pokemon, or even an estimated release date as we speak. We just know that it’s going to be out during the holidays and god-knows-which holiday season they are referring to.

Aside from that, Pokemon GO made it to being one of the “lost game plays” shying away from the live stream. “Lost” because as much as fans were anticipating for its release and gathering more information, there was just literally no mention about it – not even an estimated release date. We can’t say for sure how long it’s going to be keeping the fans from going haywire due to the long wait.

So fans, try your very best to be calm and let’s all just wait for the good news. We’ll pray for that to happen, but meanwhile, probably let’s all just keep our fingers crossed?