Recall Alert: More Than 8 Million Chevrolet Colorado & GMC Canyon In Trouble

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Perhaps General Motors didn’t have quite a perfect start to a brand new year; they’ve recorded a recall of more than 8 million Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon vehicles, so that they could have dealers replace a faulty console compartment lid latch assembly.

It may seem like there’s no issue with it, but it’s a component that’s as equally important as other parts of the vehicle. Should an event of a crash ever occur, the console lid latch may pose as a danger to vehicle occupants since it’s not closed properly. Therefore, GM’s decision to have them recalled is probably a wise idea, since it could help regain their reputation back especially if it has gone down the hill.

Truck owners will be able to get their vehicles checked at their nearest dealer, and here are some important numbers for you to take note of. You can reach Chevrolet’s customer service at (800)222-1020, or GMC’s customer service at (800)462-8782, while GM’s number for the recall is 16370.