Reddit Finally Legit For Android Users – Not Yet For iOS

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As one of the most widely used sites in the world, Reddit has oddly never had a proper official app for mobile users. There are certainly apps related to the online community platform, but all of them are made by third-party developers.

Now that the official app is launched, you can ditch all the unofficial ones – hell, even the third-party developers themselves would flock to the official app.

This arrival is long overdue, as platforms like Tumblr and Imgur have long had official apps for both Android and iOS.

Anyway, the app has come as a result of over a year of work by Reddit and folks knew the final product was around the corner when the beta version was tested at the end of last year.

Not all work is finished yet though, as the app is so far only available for Android users. Those on iOS would have to twiddle their thumbs a little while more, though we don’t expect the wait to be too long.