Redesigned BBM Could Be More Attractive Than WhatsApp

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BBM for BlackBerry devices is claimed to be reinvented so that it could stand up against WhatsApp once again; by making it more attractive and popular than ever before. It could probably be a push for BlackBerry’s developers to reboot the messenger, since WhatsApp decided not to update the BlackBerry 10 version.

There’s no denying that WhatsApp has always been popular and being the biggest rival to BlackBerry, so the latter decided to give itself a second chance again. Though the current version rolled out for the BlackBerry 10 is still running on the devices, the biggest messenger client doesn’t plan to continue what’s next in store for that BlackBerry device.

And BlackBerry developers certainly think that their upcoming beta versions of their BBM update could be “more convenient and fun” to use. So we’re guessing we should be expecting the developers to create and deploy solutions to bring apps to us as the consumer, and enterprise fans in general. We can’t say we’re not excited for sure!

Are you looking forward to see this becoming a reality; a chance of revisiting nostalgia?