Rock Your Bentley With The New Stone Trim, If You’re Sick Of Wood, Of Course

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Bentley Rocks (actually no pun intended, but it might just be the case in this post)!

Apparently, Bentley has rolled out a new feature for drivers who may be seeking something more otherworldly (okay, well, it’s not really out of this planet, but it’s stones on your car!) to spice up the already luxurious vehicle. You can now have a staggering array of trim options – interior stone veneers being the most unique one of all.

And you’re probably thinking what we’re thinking: wouldn’t stone be adding more weight to the car? Well, here’s some mind-blowing fact for you, because the stone trim that would be used for the car is only going to be 0.004 inches thick. You have been fooled if you thought that the stone trim in the image above looks thick and heavy, because it’s even less than the breadth of a human hair. Beat that!

The rocks are especially sourced from quaries in India, cured using fiberglass and resin, and ultimately finished by the Mulliner team in the UK. So, if you’re the type who wants something for a change rather than the usual wooden and carbon fibre-ish interior, this should be something to opt about.