Samsung Enlists Sony To Help Out Galaxy S8

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When it comes to Sony being a supplier, it usually involves smartphone camera lenses, seeing that that’s something the Japanese electronics giant is really good at. But this time it’s a little different, as Sony is being asked to be a battery supplier.

And it’s a pretty big name that’s asking for the company’s help. Samsung is hoping that Sony’s lives up to its reputation in churning out quality goods, and that its Li-ion batteries wouldn’t mess up like the products of its two previous suppliers.

The Galaxy S8 simply cannot afford to repeat the mistakes of the Galaxy Note 7. In order for the upcoming flagship to be safe from spontaneous battery combustion Samsung has to be choosy with its suppliers.

The Korean giant’s subsidiary SDI has made a mess of the Note 7, and so has its second supplier Amperex. If the Wall Street Journal proves to be right based on its sources, then Samsung is placing its hopes on Sony to be the source of the Galaxy S8’s juice packs.

It’s not a far-fetched notion really, given that Sony smartphones aren’t known for being susceptible to crippling battery issues. Besides, Sony’s flagships – most notably the Xperia Z3 – are usually the top choices when it comes to battery longevity.