Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Don’t Care For Iris Scanner?

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People are more concerned about the curved edge display than the iris scanner feature on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It seems that way as the biometric function doesn’t seem to get as much airtime as how the screen of the device looks.

Do consumers really care for a seemingly more convenient unlock functionality than fingerprint scanning or would it merely be a novelty feature like 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s.

A poll from Phone Arena with responses from nearly 1,000 people found that on the whole, the Android community or at least Samsung users are ambivalent towards the feature.

Close to 33 percent don’t care for it, while a little more than 21 percent would toy around with it then forget it. About 33 percent voted that they will use both available biometric unlock functions, and more than 12 percent will use iris scanning exclusively.

In total, that makes for 54 percent who aren’t keen on the tech and 46 percent who are. We can say that the feature divides opinion for now – perhaps people will change their minds once the Note 7 is released.