Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Pray That It’s All Over

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The catastrophe that was the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 didn’t really reflect in Samsung’s financial health, as the company is expecting its Q4 2016 profits to be grow by about 50 percent. Still, it had to do something about the phone.

And do something it has. All around the world, Samsung claims that there are only 4 percent of Galaxy Note 7 units roaming in the wild, with the rest either blown up or safely returned to the company.

Late last month, there were about 15 percent of units still unreturned. What spurred many more users into sending the device back within a week was Samsung’s decision to disable the phone from being charged, which made it practically unusable.

In spite of this fiasco, it doesn’t seem that Samsung is ready to give up on the Galaxy Note series just yet. Recent reports insist that the Note 8 is going to get the green light to be released late this year, most likely by the end of the third quarter.