Samsung Galaxy Note 7: The Root Of The Explosion Discovered!

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We have had our fair share of reports and speculations on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 following its whole explosive fiasco. However, recent reports have surfaced that reveal the actual cause of these explosions.

Samsung had really pushed the limits on its battery design for the Galaxy Note 7 which may have been the core factor behind this sudden bursts.

According to PhoneArena, the Note 7 was designed by incorporating a pair of polymer layers soaked in electrolytes that distinguished a positive layer consisting of lithium cobalt oxide and a negative layer consisting of graphite. If these two layers were to meet, it would cause an explosive as a result of the electrolytes heating up.

Samsung’s move of compressing the battery may have done just that as the positive and negative layers are forced together. On top of that, pressure could also be placed on the battery by users putting the device in the back pocket and then sitting on it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7's Battery Source: CNET

Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s Battery
Source: CNET

The South Korean manufacturer had strive to maintain the sleek, thin design of the phone while trying to not jeopardize the capacity of the battery. The report also revealed that Samsung may have went against protocol by carrying out the battery testing on their own.

“The design and validation process for a new product is challenging for everyone. In this case, Samsung took a deliberate step towards danger, and their existing test infrastructure and design validation process failed them. They shipped a dangerous product. That this is possible at one of the top consumer electronic companies in the world is humbling — and demonstrates the need for better tools. Instrumental is building them,” clarified Instrumental.

Samsung needs to learn that there are obviously no shortcuts to success. Let’s hope 2017 will bring in some form of redemption for the South Korean manufacturer.