Samsung Galaxy Note 8: First Signs Of Life

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After the massive fiasco that is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, it seemed like all hope had abandoned Samsung. Not only would the world’s largest phone maker (second largest now) have to shutter the highly successful Galaxy Note series, it would also lose the trust of consumers forever and ever and for all of smartphone eternity.

That’s how it was supposed to go, but the world doesn’t work that way. So what Samsung did was apologize profusely, try to resolve the issue by forcing its users to return their Note 7, and let the Galaxy S7 do all the heavy-lifting.

But is it really the end of the Note line? Not really, as various polls conducted since the Note 7 was discontinued showed that fans haven’t lost faith in Samsung, that the Note 8 would emerge stronger and safer than ever.

So if that’s where the money trail is, you can bet that Samsung would waste no time in following it. While the Note 8 won’t be due until October, there are already signs of life for the upcoming S Pen flagship.

According to SamMobile, the internal codename for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is ‘Great’. That’s pretty neat, given that great rhymes with eight. And seeing that Samsung knows we’ll all eventually get wind of this codename, we know that it’s trying its best to assure faithfuls and skeptics alike that all is well behind closed doors.

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