Samsung Galaxy S6: Another Hot Mess, Like The Note 7

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Recent reports have revealed that a Samsung Galaxy S6 had exploded while on-board China Airlines flight CI027, which was on its way to Taipei.

The Galaxy S6 had started to release smoke prior to bursting en-route the journey. Thankfully for the proactive flight crew members, who had quickly doused the blaze with fire extinguishers, all passengers were safe while the device owner received some small burns to his hands.

The flight crew then placed the too-hot-to-handle device into an ice bucket. This is especially a dangerous scenario as this explosion had taken place in a plane where the cabins are pressurized which could cause a fire to spread very fast.

Samsung Galaxy S6: Post-explosion

Samsung Galaxy S6: Post-explosion

According to various reports, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s explosions were due to the South Korean manufacturers’ attempt in making the battery for the device as slim as possible to enhance its overall design and features.

We can’t tell what’s the actual reason for the Samsung Galaxy S6 to explode right now but we’re sure Samsung would acknowledge this freak episode soon. Unless it’s looking to turn away even more buyers.