Samsung Galaxy S7: AT&T And Sprint Joins In The Preorder Bandwagon

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T-Mobile recently announced that customers who’ve preordered the Samsung Galaxy S7 would be able to receive it days ahead of its worldwide release. And to have other carriers following its footsteps really only took a matter of time. AT&T and Sprint have already begun taking preorders for the smartphone, so be sure to secure a spot at the carrier of your choosing.

But of course, the loyal AT&T and Sprint’s customers would be glad to find out about this particular news, since they don’t have to switch to another carrier to be able to enjoy the same benefits. Though most customers are happy with the preorder release that’s deemed to be rolled out soon, others couldn’t really fathom on the wait they’d have to endure, since there isn’t any tracking number for them to follow up on.

A Sprint customer posted, “I’m with Sprint and my preorder just changed to Shipped status today. No tracking number yet.” There are other similar comments that we could see if we scavenged through Samsung Galaxy S7’s retail box. We do hope that they’d get some sort of knowledge on when they are officially getting the phone, otherwise, there’s no point making false promises when it’s only going to disappoint.