Samsung Galaxy S8 Boasts Superior Camera Quality

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Rumors are constantly buzzing around Samsung’s soon-to-arrive Galaxy S8 and we just can’t help but get excited at these prospects!

However, there is one rumor that seems to stand above all the rest. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is reported to be coming with a dual-camera setup, which is the first of its kind in Samsung’s line.

Rumor has it that the South Korean manufacturer is in the midst of placing orders for two different camera processors which suggests a dual-camera setup is on the cards.

If this is materialized, we can expect to see the Galaxy S8 coming with amazing camera quality and producing stunning photographs.

Judging from the Galaxy S7 which produces great photographs, we can safely assume that an addition of a dual-camera setup would only elevate that quality to greater heights.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is also rumored to be coming with pressure sensitive display as well as the revival of the removable batteries. It looks like the Galaxy S8 will be Samsung’s saving grace in light of the whole explosive Note 7 incident.