Samsung Galaxy S8: Worse Off Than Galaxy S6 & S7

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When a company changes something about a product, it’s usually for the sake of either cutting costs or improving the product. Phone makers face this challenge the most, as they cannot simply ‘refresh’ their flagship offerings with minimal alterations.

While a simple update may work on devices like the Samsung Galaxy A7, it wouldn’t fly for the the Galaxy S lineup – that’s why the Galaxy S8 is set to be markedly different than the Galaxy S7, which is in turn markedly different from the Galaxy S6.

But would what Samsung offers this time be better than before? For some, the answer may be an unequivocal yes; for others, not so much. That’s because this time, Android’s biggest OEM is taking some big risks.

And by big, we mean it’s a lot bigger than everything else in the market. You’d be hard pressed to find a flagship device that’s larger than 5.7 inches, but the Galaxy S8 stands at 5.8 inches and pushes to 6.2 inches for the S8 Plus.

In order to pull off being so large, the device has to boast excellent ergonomics. It has to be very well-designed, otherwise it would feel too clunky and cumbersome for the average user. The Nexus 6 is a prime example to follow in this regard.

Besides that, a lot of folks might not appreciate its almost bezel-less design, though many have been calling for it. How Samsung integrates a rear-facing fingerprint sensor on a 6.2-inch phablet is also an aspect that needs to be examined by hand when it’s launched at the end of this month.

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