Samsung Has A Smart “Belt” Now: Yes, It Has Come To This

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Samsung, the giant smartphone maker is probably best known for, well, making smartphones and their accompanied accessories. But, what if we told you that they have something under their belt (not literally), because this just in: they have released not a smartphone, but a smart belt that’s named WELT.

The tech maker (because the birth of WELT makes it not suitably named as a smartphone maker anymore) describes the belt as “a smart wearable healthcare belt that looks like a normal belt”. Ok, we get the drill, and at least it doesn’t look as horrendous as this. So what we can expect from WELT is that it’s capable of measuring the wearer’s waist size, counting down the number of steps they take, and recording the amount of time spent sitting down. Then, the data would be sent to an app that recommends you on food options and exercises. It’s not that bad now, isn’t it?

Then again, why such a hideous (sorry, not sorry) name?