Samsung Wants In On The “Jet Black”, Too!

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Samsung is currently working on introducing a more glossier black variant of its Galaxy S7 and it is expected to launch some time next month, according to The Korea Herald.

It may seem like Samsung is copying Apple’s ideas – and we’re not exactly refuting it – but with the recent Note 7 fiasco, it seems reasonable. The Note 7 was available in “Coral Blue” and following the discontinuation of the device, Samsung had brought the “Coral Blue” concept to the Galaxy S7 line.

On top of that, the holiday season is quickly approaching and Samsung may just try to capitalize on it with its new “Jet-Black-Inspired” Galaxy S7.

Plus, the whole demand for the iPhone 7 Jet Black version was no secret and practically the whole world heard of how swiftly the sales of the Jet Black units flowed.

Maybe Samsung is, yet again, “inspired” by Apple and is hoping that incorporating a similar concept just may help cushion its recent Note 7 blow.