Samsung Will Shy Away From Limelight In 2016

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Seems like top smartphone brand Samsung will be taking a backseat next year. The company wants to focus on lower-priced models instead, as it shifts its direction away from making more flagship devices, and smartphones in general.

Since it has been an interesting year for Samsung where they introduced the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge to the public and has since been fairly favourable, it brings to question on why would the company is taking such a huge step backwards. For the most part it’s still unclear, and we probably might not ever figure it out unless Samsung comes out to announce the truth behind it all.

And since 2016 would be quite a low-profile year for them, it might be good for the company to reflect on what they really want for their upcoming products, especially the highly-anticipated Galaxy S7. Perhaps they have finally come into realization that they shouldn’t be following so much of Apple’s designs, taking in whatever they deem possible for their devices. That seems like a legit explanation.