See The True Colours Of Red Bull’s 2016 Formula 1 Livery

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Red Bull Racing’s got some brand new shades of colour to show off at this year’s Formula One Race at Barcelona, and it’s really looking better than ever. This time, the team has opted for a change from the blue-purple shade they’ve sported last season, to a darker blue, which certainly looks absolutely fantastic.

The unveiling of the colours were displayed at the car’s launch event in London, and it does get enthusiasts pumped up like they usually do. That’s because there is no denying that new car livery and race wear would get people talking around town. And definitely gets the season started in a fun way too.

Christian Horner, team boss of Red Bull even added that the London event paid off all their hard work in getting ready for the new team wear and whatnot. To actually see the new livery come to life at the event was certainly a proud moment for all of them since god-knows how much effort they’ve put into it.

It’s worth mentioning that Red Bull’s new RB12 racer will be powered by re-badged Renault engines under the TAG Heuer umbrella, which is what we’ll be expecting to see during the pre-season testing in Barcelona soon.