Smartisan: The Unknown Brand That’s Soon To Be The Talk Of Town

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Smartisan may sound unfamiliar to you, but this Chinese smartphone maker has already celebrated its third birthday and also released two devices so far: the premium T1 and the budget-friendly U1. And now they are back (and also better) with their Smartisan T2 that sports a fancy metallic upgrade and you’ve guessed it right; it’s all about minimalism.

How minimalist is the T2 going to be? Well, there’s no power button, no exposed screws, no visible SIM tray and, perhaps the most interesting feature would be having no plastic bands on the smooth and subtly rounded aluminium frame. Smartisan has also taken a page out of Motorola and Apple’s book in turning the volume keys on the right alongside the detachable nano SIM tray. Also worthy to note, there’s a glorious 2.5D Gorilla Glass 3 panel for the home screen that complements well with the icons, no wonder there isn’t a need for the power button at the top.

And specifications-wise, it’s not all that impressive, since the main point of the smartphone is to be as minimalist as ever. With a simple and decent phone like that, we think it’s safe to say that the T2 is the perfect representation of the phrase, “Less is More”.

We must say, it’s really a job well done.