So, Is Sega Really Launching The “Dreamcast 2”?

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There was apparently a short excitement over that little piece of news (that probably hogged) on your Facebook Trending Topics for days, suggesting Sega’s possible launch of their much-anticipated “Dreamcast 2”. But the question now would be, is it trustworthy or not?

We’re still not entirely sure. If you were wondering what had caused all the commotion, it’s actually caused by a group of Sega devotees who wanted to convince the Japanese game developer to release another sequel (some sort of a “Dreamcast Revival” sequel). So what the fans did next was releasing some interviews across several websites, eventually landing on a nice spot in the far right corner of your Facebook page.

Well, hoax or not, let’s just take this rumour as a grain of salt at the moment. While waiting for Sega to release their official announcement, let’s just hover the mouse over other important topics on Facebook (like that adorable dog video you’ve just watched a minute ago. Okay, we kid).