So, When Is The PC Version Of “Rise Of The Tomb Raider” Coming Out?

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The highly-anticipated PC version of adventure game “Rise of the Tomb Raider” is set to release next month, and that just means you’ll have another item to add to your New Year resolution list: play the game.

However, we still don’t know when are the exact dates it’s coming out, but since Steam has made an announcement, we wouldn’t even think twice. Even the game developer themselves have been pretty tight-lipped at the moment. For those unfamiliar, it’s a game released originally for Xbox One earlier last month, but since then, rumours were rife that a PC will be out in no time.

Therefore, if you’re still considering on whether or not to purchase the PC version of the game (because you have yet to play it), consider no more. The game has been garnering loads of positive reviews so far, hence, purchasing it anytime now would also be a wise choice.