So, You Think You Are Loyal To Facebook?

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If you’re lucky (or unlucky, in this case), you might find yourself being one the “subjects” Facebook is experimenting on: the SNS giant have been claimed to disconnect users from their Android apps for hours at a time, all with the general idea of studying the loyalty these users have for the site.

Though it’s not exactly certain where these experiments are occurring at, or many people have been affected, but one thing’s for sure: users are extremely loyal to Facebook as they check back every now and then to see if it’s back online, and some have even gone to the extent of trying to access it from the mobile site rather than the app. So much for being loyal, huh? Could you imagine what could possibly bring to the current generation if all these SNS do not exist, and that we go back to traditional ways of interacting with our buddies and loved ones?

Well, experiment or not, it might actually save someone’s life to an extent; for socializing with people through engaging in face-to-face conversations, all over again. So, considering that the youth in this generation have been spending less time with family and friends, and more with interacting virtually, it’s probably a good thing, no?