Sony Introduces Latest Concepts At MWC And They Are Creepy

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All thanks to the annual mobile technology conference in Barcelona (MWC), we are able to see all sorts of gadgets and whatnot; making us one step closer to the future we’re all dreaming about. Sony’s latest concepts have turned a lot of heads during the event, and in a moment you’ll see why.

Apart from their usual mobile devices and television sets, Sony’s done a new approach this year by releasing three special gadgets in hopes of helping with the daily tasks of their users. They’ve got the Xperia Agent, Xperia Projector and Xperia Eye, all lined up during the event. The Agent is a digital assistant that looks cute but really handy on the outside. You could expect it to provide valuable information to you – weather, appointments, reminders, and whatnot.


On the other hand, there’s also the Projector, which would be enabling you to interact with whatever you’d like for it to project on your wall; the usual important stuffs, really. Some were just unsure if touching on your wall all day is going to keep the OCD-people more hygienic. But then again, we could just leave it to the robots for cleaning it up later on.


And lastly, this is the creepiest of all creepy-Sony stuff. It’s the Xperia Eye, and it really does live up to its name. You’ll be expecting for a wide-angle lens camera that you wear all day to capture important moments of your life – yes, even if it means for it to automatically spot faces and voices and then automatically captures photographs at any moment it’s deemed important. If you have been wondering if this is leaning a little towards the stalker-ish element, it probably is.