Sony Xperia X Compact: Plenty More To Expect

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One unfortunate fact about the Sony Xperia X Compact is that it is both like and unlike the Xperia Z5 Compact. On one hand, it follows in the footsteps of its predecessor by arriving into the US market overpriced and without a fingerprint sensor.

On the other, it isn’t a proper follow-up to the previous 4.6-inch effort from Sony. While the Z5 Compact was essentially just a mini variant to a true flagship device, the X Compact is the same equivalent to the mid-range Xperia X.

But there’s no reason to lose hope yet. In fact, there’s plenty more one could possibly expect from Sony when it comes to the Compact lineup. The recently launched Xperia XZ is a true flagship device and may eventually be accompanied by an Xperia XZ Compact.

As for fingerprint sensing, the X Compact units shipped to the US aren’t specially made ones; they’re the same ones sold elsewhere, but with the biometric functionality disabled. That means they have fingerprint sensing hardware, it’s just that the feature is dormant.

In order to activate it, users could seek out custom ROMs with firmware that allows for use of the fingerprint sensor. All they have to do is dig around at XDA and there would surely be solutions. The only downside to activating the sensor via installing unofficial software is loss of warranty.