Sony Xperia X: New Camera Improves On Galaxy S6, Xperia Z5

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Sony makes brilliant camera hardware, but unfortunately the company didn’t do justice to its image shooter expertise in its mobile division. Despite having the best tech in the market, the Sony Xperia Z5 didn’t outdo the competition.

Maybe it would change this time with the Sony Xperia X lineup. Though the X and X Performance are different beasts, they utilize the same 23MP primary camera.

And that shooter is the main subject of Sony’s newest video ad. The 40-second video showcases what Sony calls Predictive Hybrid Autofocus that continually keeps a sharp eye on objects in motion, so that they are constantly in focus even when moving really quickly.

This technology is similar to the tracking autofocus feature found in the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Xperia Z5, but ‘predictive’ is the keyword in the ad – instead of keeping up with moving objects, the camera predicts its movement and adjusts its tracking autofocus accordingly.

You can check out the ad below: