Sony Xperia Z5 Update Offers Pleasant Turnaround

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Sometime it’s good to listen to what fans want. HTC did it for the HTC 10 and it has paid off tremendously. The same can be said for the Samsung Galaxy S7 which came with the essential features that fans wanted.

With Sony, the Xperia X lineup has so far been a dud but for the Xperia Z5, a nice feature has returned after being removed in favor of another for a while.

Stamina Mode, which is capable of stretching the device’s battery life four times longer on standby, is making its way back.

This doesn’t mean that Doze Mode from Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow is going away. No, it’s going to be used alongside Stamina Mode for not only the Z5 but for the Z3 as well, though so far the update hasn’t hit the latter yet.

Oh yeah, Ultra Stamina mode is also included. This update comes with the Google security patch for April (yeah I know, really slow) as well as a lockscreen shorcut to access the phone’s camera via double tapping the home button.