Spoilt Between Choices: Apple iOS9 Or Google Android M?

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We’re pretty sure every iPhone and Android user in the world were content with their latest updates; iOS9 and Android M OS, respectively. But if you’re one of those that are still making a tough call to choose between the two, don’t you worry as we’ve got this covered for you.

You should be aware that the iOS 9 and Android M have pretty much similar interfaces, and despite being more enhanced, there might not be a major visual change when you catch your first glimpse at the both of them. Then, there’s the Low Power Mode for extending the iPhone’s battery life, and Doze for the Android’s. The former would enable users to go easy on the battery, while the latter would conveniently power your phone down when it isn’t in use.

Of course, there’s also the digital assistant for both iPhone and Android phones. Siri has claimed to have gone major improvements, while the additional Proactive provides users shortcuts to their most called contacts and most used apps, so it would definitely come in handy for urgent matters. While Android’s Google Now has also got some distinctive features, its replacement on Tap seems to be well-received by users.

Though this list isn’t exhaustive, these elaborations might probably give you an idea on how different they may be when stacked against each other. So, which would you prefer now?