Super Mario Run: Now You Can Run With Friends!

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It’s only been a matter of days since Nintendo declared that it is not looking to bring on anymore content to the Super Mario Run. But, it looks like the company doesn’t seem to equate content with features, according to Phone Arena.

Yesterday, Nintendo released a new feature to the Super Mario Run. Now, there is a Friendly Run mode featured in the game which allows users to play quick races versus friends, based on their in-game friends list. This will not cost players a ticket, however, they will not be entitled to coins, toads or level up enemies. This is merely a mode for the purpose of fun.

Although it doesn’t require a ticket, the Friendly Run is still quite limited. If you have yet to pass the first World, consisting of the initial four levels, you will only be able to race one friend per day. If you’re on World 2, you’ll be permitted to three Friendly Runs per day and if you have completed World 2, you will be entitled to five Friendly Runs per day.

Well, this proves that Nintendo’s “no new content” basically means “no new levels or characters.” Let’s hope we’ll be treated to even more features like this to keep the game exciting.