Takata Employees A Naive Bunch: Emailing Taken To The Next Level

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What happens if you’ve been exposed to the darkest of your secrets, and what’s more, something that would be known to the world? Well, that’s something Takata employees did a while back when they were allegedly joking about manipulating airbag testing data through emailing each other. The messages were uncovered by The New York Times, and is believed to be part of the lawsuit in Florida where an aggressively deploying airbag eventually paralyzed a woman.

And to top it all off, the most damning of the emails would be one that reads, “Happy Manipulating!!!” which allegedly was sent by engineer Bob Schubert. His other messages include those that was “repeatedly exposed to the Japanese practice of altering data presented to the customer,” and how changing data had “gone beyond all reasonable bounds and now most likely constitutes fraud.” What can we say, those are indeed some pretty nasty statements to say about the company – be it joking or not.

Takata has since been denying all allegations regarding the issue, and mentioned that The Times has actually misinterpreted the emails, just to, well, garner more views into their news stories. Well, misinterpretation or not, the automaker sure is having loads of heads turned towards them now.