Tesla Model 3: Are You Ready For Its Unveiling?

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We’re sure that many people are getting their excitements built up as Tesla Model 3 plans to hog the spotlight on its March 31 unveiling. Elon Musk has been doing a great job teasing us for the past few months, and we can’t say we’re more than ready to welcome the affordable made-for-the-masses electric vehicle.

Though the automaker is still being quite tight-lipped about Model 3’s specs in order to maintain the surprise element for fans and enthusiasts, here’s a few things to be expecting on their event end of this month. The Model 3 is said to be about 20% lighter than the other Tesla cars, and that it could a range of a mere 200 miles on a full charge.

Rumour has it that the Model 3 would have a price tag of about $35,000, but that figure could fluctuate anytime. And the first versions of the car to be rolled out may be high-optioned ones, since the company believes that’s their ultimate marketing strategy.It has been luring its customers from the Model S days, so this would be no different.