Tesla Model X May Create Awesome Fireworks For The New Year!

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We are days away from the start of 2016 and we are really excited for it. Even so, our eyes remain glued on the Tesla Model X because we have a gut feeling that the EV is going to do something crazy during the final countdown.

Yes, we may sound paranoid but after being surprised by the Model X ‘Xmas’ Christmas light show, we are not taking any chances. In case you have missed it, Tesla equipped the Model X with a Christmas Easter egg and it allows the car to perform a light show that is more fascinating than the ordinary lights on the Christmas tree.

Perhaps, Tesla has even thought about the 2016 New Year Countdown and might have equipped something special on the Model X. We don’t know what exactly it is but we imagine it to be fireworks produced by lights.

Of course, this is just our expectation for the New Year’s countdown. Tesla has made no reveal about this so the only way to find out is to keep a close eye on the Model X during New Year’s Eve.