The 7th Generation iPhone: Please Let It Be More Meaty

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Actually, iPhone enthusiasts have somewhat come to a point of feeling “restless” because they think that it’s pointless in insisting that there isn’t any necessity to make the iPhone any thinner. We just like it the way it is, even when it became as large of a device as their Samsung counterparts.

But, come on, look at that picture and you be the judge. This render based on speculations and leaks shows a super-sleek device with no 3.5mm headphone port (we are going to stress this: no headphone port), a new 3D Touch home button and wireless AirPods. What?! Then, are we going to look extra weird with these wireless (not literally wireless though since there’s a cable connecting from one end to the other) headphones? We believe at this point, we would rather have a nice pair of bulky headsets than these funny-looking headphones.

The AirPods are reportedly a remedy Apple created allowing users to listen to audio while charging the smartphone simultaneously (because it was initially deemed impossible due to both cables would be sharing the same port). Well, for what it’s worth, we’re just going to say this again and again. Dearest Apple, we really don’t need a thinner iPhone. We like you just the way you are.