The Bentley Pick-Up Truck: Yay Or Nay? (Concept)

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What would you make of the luxurious Bentley being mushed together with a rugged pick-up truck? The design of the “vehicle” (not sure how to categorize it, but it’s still going to be driven by somebody anyway) is rendered by TheophilusChin, and again, we cannot tell for sure if it’s appealing… or not.

Perhaps a small group of people might fancy it, some may find it silly and others just believes it looks horrendous (we’re probably from this segment). Somehow the fusion of seeing these two being mod together just doesn’t blend, and that it might probably even send Bentley designers or Chevy engineers to shame and humiliation. A little too exaggerating, but who would have possibly even think of rendering this unappetizing look of a car?

But maybe we’ll have to give a thumbs down to this, and say that it tilts more towards the not-so-appealing side. Sorry, but the longer we look at it, the more it looks like a giant monitor lizard.