The Christmas Hangover: Free Apps To The Rescue

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Yep, you’re probably too hungover to get yourself dragged to work after the long Christmas holiday, but maybe these iPhone and iPad apps would help to get yourself all pumped up in relieving your stress. They usually have a price tag, but now they are officially free (!) if you act right now. And when we say right now, we mean instant, immediately, now!

NoteLedge Ultimate (Normally @ $1.99)

This app ultimately lives up to its name; an all-in-one note-taking app that gives you everything you need to take notes and organize multimedia content. It’s well-equipped with tools for you to type, write, draw, insert photos, record audio and video, and you can even personalize your notes with their selection of templates and stickers.

Bitpoem (Normally @ $1.99)

This is undeniably the best tool for photographers, iphoneographers (yeah, it’s quite a legit term now), and digital artists. In short, all artists unite! It provides users to ability to apply selective effects on your photo – be it a subtle or a more artistic feel to it.

Word² (Normally @ $0.99)

This is going to enhance your problem-solving skills because it’s definitely one challenging game! You’ll have to unscramble each word not just once, but twice, and just be rest assured that each level is completely solvable (and if you can’t solve it, there’s always hints and clues available).

Diet Hero (Normally @ $3.99)

This app would probably be very ideal for health-conscious people, and maybe to those that are not too. It basically takes the foods you have, and magically creates a well-balanced diet of whole, natural foods, just for you. In other words, it’s like having installed a personal Dietician in the insides of your pockets with you wherever, whenever.

And there you have it, these apps would most likely keep you busy during the weekend, or better still, after your work tonight. Be sure to act fast before it goes up for purchasing again!