The iLuv Smartshaker Is Bringing Alarm Clocks To The Next Level

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If you’re one of the regular sleepyheads that wouldn’t budge at all despite having multiple alarms set on your phone (and not forgetting, the two alarm clocks you have beside your bed), this might just be the solution for you to get off that magnetic bed. This iLuv Smartshaker 2 literally shakes you awake with a smartphone extension.

It’s one of the latest devices appearing at the CES 2016 that uses Bluetooth technology to hook up your smartphone to a circular featherweight that can be inserted under the sleeper’s pillow. Designed by app developer iLuv Creative Technology, and since it’s an award-winning device, your worries of being late for work would be solved in no time. And while you think that the Smartshaker serves to solve the common peoples’ worries, they’re actually also designed with the hearing-impaired in mind. Now, that’s a plus point for being so thoughtful.

All you will have to do now is to still use your regular alarm clock, because it won’t be arriving on shelves until March 2016.