The Kia X-Car Inspired By X-Men’s Mystique: Ugly And Still Not Adorable

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If anybody’s ready for the X-Men: Apocalypse to hit theatres next May, it’s the Kia Sportage SUV. And it has a name of its own too, the X-Car, resembling nothing but the Mystique character from the film.

But we aren’t too keen on the design of the car; sure, it’s set to hype up for anticipation for the movie even more, but we’ve got to be honest this time around as the design looks terribly horrendous. Of course, Marvel fans would be able to recognize it instantly at first glance, but it really looks as though the designers are rushing to get it done before their Christmas break.

And the SUV sports matte and gloss blue paint, adding the extra flair with red and yellow wheels. Is this something that Mystique would ride on if a car was indeed used in the film? What do the fans have to say about this? We’re just going to have to say this again, the X-Car better not be featured in the film, otherwise we might just faint halfway into the show out of disappointment.