The Mini Convertible Mini Open 150 Edition Has Two ‘Minis’ In Its Name

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And nope, you really didn’t read that wrong.

The Mini Convertible Mini Open 150 Edition is a special edition Mini car to celebrate the debut of the new MINI Convertible (confused already by the many “Minis” we’ve mentioned?), but we’re only going to break more hearts here, since it’s only available to the UK market. And it’s going to be offered in 150 units equipped with some very exclusive features.

Let’s break it all down for you readers. This limited Mini Convertible is expected to come with special Leather Chester Malt Brown upholstery, a unique ‘Open 150 Edition’ dash plaque with matching door entry strips, a soft-top with the Union Jack on it, heated seats, 18-inch alloy wheels, and not forgetting, LED headlights and satellite navigation. And that’s not all too.

There’s also something interesting to look forward to this limited edition Mini, because it has a Rain Warner function which sort of notifies the driver should a rain forecast be occurring, either with an alert on the dashboard or with a message to their smartphone. That should come in pretty handy so you’ll know when to prepare for an umbrella or not.

Needless to say, it’s going to be a car many would line up for. Are you looking forward to this limited edition Mini as much as we are, too?